5 Spice Pork & Veg Primal Pod

EDAS Foods

A Primal Pod is simply the freshest Australian meat, fruit & vegies plus herbs & spices, carefully crafted into a portion controlled, nutritionally balanced and ready to eat meal. Having 49.8g protein but only 9g carbs, we think you'll agree they are an ideal & ultraconvient meal.

Do you eat Keto, Low Carb, Nut Free or Dairy Free? We’ve got you covered!

The 5 Spice Pork & Veg Primal Pod contains only the finest ingredients; Pork, Beans, Capsicum, Mushrooms, Star Anise, Coriander, Chilli Flakes, Onion Powder & Soy Sauce (Wheat Free).

That's it. Simple. There are no added nasties!

    We know that dietary restrictions make it impossible to buy typical fast foods. Primal Pods are #fastfoodreimagined. Designed to be #ultraconvenient, Primal Pods can be stored at room temperature for months and when you get hungry, simply open and eat clean wherever you are!

    Primal Pods are a perfect addition to your gym bag, backpack, rucksack, tacklebox, glovebox, work drawer, locker, carry on luggage, brief case, handbag, manbag or doomsday prepper kit.

    Using a local supply chain, having a long shelf life and requiring no refrigeration or reheating, Primal Pods have been designed to reduce food waste and our environmental footprint.

    International Customers please review our FAQ and contact us for shipping quotes

    Join the #foodrebellion, eat Primal Pods.

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